“Oh, the smell of the wild thyme…”

Henry Williamson’s “The Pathway” remembers just one of the scents that fill the Burrows at this time of year. The low mat forming aromatic foliage of Thyme (thymus polytrichus), with its tight clusters of purple flowers, used to carpet vast areas of the dune turf, formerly created and maintained by rabbits eating down the grass … Continue reading “Oh, the smell of the wild thyme…”

Looking for a Braunton Countryside Activity Agent

In the context of the InterReg European initiative to encourage EcoTourism in the North Devon Biosphere we are looking for one, or maybe two, contractors to develop this capacity using the Countryside Centre as the hub.  Specifications for the contract are shown below: closing date for applications is 18 July 2019. http://www.northdevonbiosphere.org.uk/news/invitations-to-quote