Braunton Countryside Centre is a community hub for all things nature in North Devon, run solely by volunteers. Our wonderful volunteers staff the Centre for a morning (10am-1pm) or afternoon (1-4pm) and help with a variety of tasks.

What do our volunteers do?

  • Greet visitors and try to answer any questions they may have
  • Record visitor numbers
  • Record sales and take payments for books, maps and other items in our shop
  • Help out at events held at the Centre and local wildlife conservation activities
  • Help keep the Centre tidy

We are also looking for volunteers with other skills, such as:

  • Event organising
  • Website/social media promotion
  • Merchandise/sales coordination
  • Fundraising and bid writing

Braunton Countryside Centre volunteers outside the centreIf you enjoy meeting people (both local and visitors) and love nature, we’re sure you will enjoy volunteering at the Centre.

To find out more about volunteering contact Mary Breeds, Volunteer Coordinator:

Hear more from our lovely volunteers below!

Meet our volunteers


Volunteer standing next to wildlife collages “I started volunteering in May 2023 when I retired. I help staff the centre one afternoon a week. I’ve also helped with events such as the bird walks and plant swaps, applied for a grant, made trinket dishes to sell in the shop, provided social media support, and made photo boards and collages for display. I’ve even provided tadpoles for display!

“I enjoy the variety, learning new things about wildlife, and meeting new people. I’ve gained knowledge, confidence, and friends!

“Braunton Countryside Centre is a charity that only exists because of the passion and dedication of its volunteers. Without them, it couldn’t exist, and it’s fun, too!”


Volunteer standing with a wildlife photo display

“I started volunteering in October 2023, helping to staff the Centre one afternoon a week and other odd days when certain maintenance is needed. I regularly clean windows and help on guided bird walks.

“I enjoy meeting like-minded people and have gained knowledge of local flora and fauna. I also get satisfaction from knowing I’m helping out.

“The Centre is run by dedicated volunteers. We all enjoy helping out and sharing our passion for the area.”

Photo: Fozz standing with a display of his wildlife photos in the Centre


“I first volunteered in the late 1990s a couple of times, but then had a pause due to working full time. I started up again in around 2019.

“I help with staffing the centre on Tuesday mornings and also lead guided walks, usually monthly, looking for bees and insects. I also contribute to citizen science projects via the Centre, including the British Trust for Ornithology’s Garden BirdWatch and BirdTrack; the Bumblebee Conservation Trust Bee Walk, iNaturalist and iRecord. I have led talks about wildlife gardening and other wildlife topics. I also grow plants to sell at the Centre.

“I just love sharing my knowledge and experience with other people to help them appreciate the wildlife around them, especially the smaller things, like insects. I also love learning from other people and sharing enthusiasm for the wildlife of North Devon.

“I think being a volunteer is great for meeting people of all ages and backgrounds and sharing knowledge. The whole team is friendly and helpful and the Centre is great to work in. New ideas are welcomed and people can volunteer as often as they like. It is also great to add to your CV, or for college or university applications.”


“I started volunteering with the Centre in April 2024, mainly helping with content and the website. I also attend events hosted by the Centre and write about them for the news section, to help give people an idea of what to expect from guided walks, evening talks, and other events on offer.

“I wanted to get involved with the Centre to meet like-minded people and support a cause that is very close to my heart. I am a keen nature enthusiast with a particular interest in fungi and invertebrates. I love stopping to chat with people while out on nature spotting walks, and volunteering is a wonderful way to do this while raising awareness of the Centre and encouraging people to get closer to nature.

“I have met so many amazing people already and it is uplifting to see nature enthusiasts coming together to share their knowledge and support the Centre. Anyone with a passion for nature, conservation, or local history would gain so much from volunteering at the Braunton Countryside Centre. I can’t recommend it enough!”