Big Garden Birdwatch

#BigGarden BirdWatch House Sparrows

The 25th – 27th January is the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch. They have created a free guide to identify and learn more about the birds that you may be seeing in your everyday life. We decided to go out around the Braunton Countryside Centre and see what we could spot using the Birdwatch information sheet.

#BigGardenBirdWatch RobinOur results showed a picture of local bird populations, for example we managed to count twenty three common woodpigeons in one area, a drastic difference compared to the one blue tit that we saw. RSPB statistics claim that woodpigeons populations have been on the increase by 1034% since 1979 in the United Kingdom. We also managed to see eight house sparrows lined up on a garden fence which is lucky considering that they have been on a 56% decrease since 1979.

#BigGardenBirdWatch GoldfinchThe house sparrow has disappeared from some parts of the UK and in others their numbers are still falling significantly. While no one knows for sure why they’re depleting it’s suspected that a loss of habitat may be to blame. Two robins were heard before they were seen, a nice surprise since their numbers have been decreasing. Two magpies were seen sitting together at the top of a tree, unsurprising considering that they’ve been on a 192% increase since 1972. A solitary collared dove was seen just after a male blackbird foraged in the bushes just in front of us. Not on the list but still local to us in Braunton, we also saw a small group of jackdaws and a goldfinch. Five solitary seagulls were seen as well as many crows.

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