Braunton local produces tour

  • Start: Braunton Countryside Centre
  • Distance: 8.23 km
  • Walk Time: 90m
  • Cycle Time: 30m
Braunton grown potatoes

This route can be done on foot or by bike. Walking will take approx 1hour 30 mins, but bike should be only 30 minutes or so.

The purpose of this route is take in some of the local farm producers that supply the local shops with fresh vegetables and other arable produce.

This circular tour starts at the Braunton Countryside Centre taking in Sandy Lane and across Braunton Marsh and back past Velator Quay.

Braunton has many local producers who sell seasonal fruit, veg, plants, eggs and preserves direct to customers. Some have small farm shops and some leave out stands with honesty boxes. Broadlands farm allows you to buy goods from their stand then pay online via card later on!

You may need a rucksack and panniers!

Braunton has a wide range of farmed products which include vegetables, salads, meat, eggs, herbs and plants. Meat is often sold at auction and may end up out of the area, but there are some smaller local producers that sell meat directly or to local butchers.

The vast majority of vegetables are sold and consumed locally. The sandy soil in the area is ideal for vegetables such as potatoes and cabbages. They are available from local greengrocers and farm shops. There are also some specialist farms that produce organic produce which is often sold locally via mail order.

You may also notice some farms growing corn or rapeseed but these products are often sold outside of the area and are not usually sold directly to the customer.

Surprisingly, despite being in a rural farming area, the local big supermarkets sell produce grown outside of the area. Bypass the supermarket and fill up on local produce supporting our farmers.