Braunton Great Field walk

  • Start: Braunton Countryside Centre
  • Distance: 5.04 km
  • Walk Time: 70m
  • Cycle Time: 30m
Braunton Great Field

The Braunton Great Field is a very special place

The Braunton Great Field is a very special place as it one it is one of only two surviving medieval open strip field systems in England. This system of numerous farmers working strips of land on a joined field was normal practice for centuries in Britain and is still in practice on the Great Field today for arable farming. From the Great Field you get to see a panoramic view of Braunton village and how it sits between East Hill and West Hill.

The walk starts at the Braunton Countryside Centre in Caen car park and follows the Tarka Trail for short while before linking up with Velator Quay. From Velator, you will take a secluded public footpath through meadows and allotments and emerge onto Braunton Great Field.

The route then follows one of several public footpaths that divide Braunton Great Field until you finally reach the edge and come out onto Moor Lane – a single track road that provides access to the farms in the area. (beware of traffic).

From here you turn right and head North back towards Braunton village but on route you will pass Swanpool Marsh. The Marsh is owned and managed by Devon Wildlife Trust and is important for its range of wetland habitats.

The great pond-sedge and reed that covers much of the reserve is a rare habitat across the west county. Dragonflies and butterflies are extremely abundant here. Access is through a gate off Moor Lane and it is open to the public, but there are restrictions on dogs.