What Do We Mean By ‘Nature Connection’?

An inside out/outside in ‘exploration’ with reconciliation ecologist, plant writer and nature mentor Pete Yeo

15th Feb

Come along to this interesting talk with plant writer, nature mentor and reconciliation ecologist, Pete Yeo.

Is nature connection simply getting out into the environment – that marvellous backdrop to human affairs – for all its utilitarian value? Or, more than ever, must it now mean a reverential understanding and application of the interconnectedness of all Life; more than an intellectual grasp of the web of life – a return to the heartfelt sense of unity and ‘biophilia’ that we have – for so long – been educated away from.

“Modern biology… has been part of an epic misrecognition of self and other. … The truth is that we are all systems of life that stretch across biological kingdoms and across space and time. Individual organisms are constituted in mutualism and exchange in which the borders between self and other are fluid.” Rupa Marya & Raj Patel

“We are, as Bill Mollison said long ago, members of a nation that is unbounded by time or geography – or species. Every day of our lives we are surrounded by mystery, miracles of every sort, more companionship than we know, even when we think we are just living any old day at all. Even now, even in the midst of all this loss and mourning, these things are true. Even now.” Stephen Harrod Buhner

Join Pete for a curated discussion of this fundamental issue. How would you describe your relationship with wider Nature? Does your language betray powerful forms of cultural disassociation still, does Nature remain something out there? Or, do you resonate more as an expression of Nature itself, manifested to offer up a particular gift – your own unique medicine – to Creation in this lifetime?

Bring curiosity and a spirit of unbounded adventure.

We look forward to delving deeper into the meaning of nature connection with you.