“If We Could Talk to the Wildlife…”

“Learn their languages…”

1st Mar
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No longer a mystical topic, join us as Celia Braund, Complementary Health Practitioner, Teacher & Mentor at White Horse Holistics, demystifies the practice of Animal & Plant Communication.

Taking us on a journey from concept to connectivity, Celia will enliven our senses with this engaging, illustrated, audience participatory talk, encouraging us to to make the shift into right relationship with the natural world. Can we even afford not to any longer?

Citing case histories, methodologies, and the meeting point of spirituality and science; a ‘remembering’ of this forgotten art is open to us all, in-person, distantly and channelled. The planet and its other-than-human inhabitants have clear messages they would like humanity to hear.

Raise your vibration, listen, learn and act – the Earth will thank you!

Come along to this educational talk that looks at nature and wildlife in an interesting light.

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