Winter Film Night – My Octopus Teacher

Join us for inspiring evenings screening of My Octopus Teacher.

12th Jan

This fascinating film focusing on the relationship between human and the ocean aired in 2020 on Netflix – and is a must see! We’ll be screening it on our big projector in the Countryside Centre, with the support of Plastic Free North Devon who work hard to protect our oceans and coastlines.

About the film:

In order to re-energize himself, Craig Foster, who is feeling aimless, starts a daily diving routine in the chilly kelp forests off the tip of Africa. He finds an unusually interested octopus below the water’s surface, which is unusually curious. This stunning documentary, which investigates the behaviours and personality of a bizarre, undulating creature that most of us have only ever eaten, was captured over the course of a full year—something that is seldom accomplished in the wild, let alone underwater.

My Octopus Teacher was produced by some of the best filmmakers, cinematographers, and scientists in the world using cutting-edge 6K cameras. The movie is notable for being the first underwater film to incorporate top-notch natural history footage with a narrative that follows an animal and its relationship with a person over the course of the animal’s existence in the wild.

The film was made by the Sea Change Project – head over to their website for more information.

A truly inspiring and magical film that worth the watch.