The Wildlife and Ecology of our Rocky Shores with DR Mark Ward

Join us for an engaging evening talk about the captivating wildlife and ecology found along our rocky shores.

Braunton Countryside Centre
25th Oct
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The Wildlife and Ecology of our Rocky Shores – Evening Talk

Join us for an incredible evening as we delve into the fascinating world of our rocky shores. An exploration of the amazing lives of the diverse communities animals and seaweeds that inhabit the rocky coastline of North Devon. Find out how they survive in the ever changing world between the tides and how they interact with each other and the environment.

About the speaker

Mark is a local marine biologist and environmental educator with many decades experience of delivery coastal and marine field course and community engagement projects. He lives in Abbotsham and currently works for Somerset Wildlife Trust on their Somerset’s Wilder Coast Project. He has recently become a Trustee of North Devon Environmental Trust.

Book online of £4 on the door. Refreshments available.


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