Strandline Beetle Hunt

Crow Point
  • Upcoming Dates:
  • 6:00pm

    Come and join us to search for this endangered beetle species.

    Meeting at Broad Sands Car park (Crow Point) What 3 Words: ///pillows.polishing.submerged

    The Strandline Beetle, also called the Beachcomber Beetle (Eurynebria complanata), is a large, striking, and swift ground beetle that ranges in length from 16 to 20 mm.

    It is well camouflaged for life in or near the tidal zone, on bare sand or sandy clay. It has a sandy hue and black markings on its elytra. The Beetle has large eyes are situated on either side of the Strandline Beetle’s head, directly behind its long antennae and legs.

    During the day it hides under driftwood on the upper beach and comes out at night time to feed upon sand hoppers which are abundant on seaweed on the strand line.

    Mary Breeds will be leading a search for this endangered beetle, that hasn’t been seen for at least 10 years in North Devon and is now only found on a few beaches in Wales.

    Join us to help see if we can rediscover this endangered beetle on the North Devon shoreline.

    Free event – no booking required. £2.50 cash for Crow Point Toll Road.