Soaring Swifts – An evening talk

Welcome to a fascinating evening about the captivating world of swifts!

Braunton Countryside Centre
22nd May

Welcome to a fascinating evening about the captivating world of swifts!

These remarkable birds, renowned for their unparalleled aerial prowess and migratory feats, have long intrigued both scientists and enthusiasts alike. Join us as we delve into the amazing lives of swifts and discover how we can engage with and conserve these extraordinary creatures.

This evening talk with Chulmleigh Swift Group Founders Chris & Ann Stanton will teach you about these beautiful birds, and help you learn about where and how to spot them in your area, as well as sharing their experiences and knowledge learned from starting up a Swift Group in their community.

About the Speaker:

Chris Stanton’s interest in nature and particularly bird watching started when he was a child. First observing the birds in our garden, then watching out for them from the back of our car on a Sunday drive or during a walk in the countryside.
This hobby has never waned and in later life found himself drawn to more involvement in assisting nature.
In Hampshire he became a volunteer warden at a Hampshire Wildlife Trust nature reserve.
On moving to Devon 3 years ago, he became a member of Devon Wildlife Trust & Devon Birds and teamed up with a lady called Vivien in Chulmleigh, who , during Covid started up a local Swifts conservation project, successfully promoting the use of Swift nesting boxes around the town. Chris and his wife assisted her work by recording & monitoring the birds’ populations, locating their current nesting sites & forming a baseline Census so to speak for future use. They have now become formalised as the Chulmleigh District Swifts & House Martins conservation Project, nationally tied into other groups via the Action for Swifts and Swift Mapper organisations.  As a result of this project he really start to feel like a
 ‘citizen scientist’, making a useful contribution in, hopefully, securing the future of these amazing birds.
We look forward to learning more about Swifts with you.
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