Saving Hedgehogs by Stephen Powles – Evening Talk

Join Stephen Powles for an engaging evening talk on Saving Hedgehogs, where we'll learn how to protect these adorable creatures.

Braunton Countryside Centre
4th Oct
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Saving Hedgehogs by Stephen Powles – Evening Talk

Join us for an enlightening evening with Stephen Powles as he shares his passion for saving hedgehogs. Stephen, a renowned expert in hedgehog conservation, will discuss the challenges these adorable creatures face and the steps we can take to protect them.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about these spiky wonders and how you can make a difference. Stephen’s captivating talk will leave you inspired to become a hedgehog hero! Come along to the Braunton Countryside Centre and learn what you can do to help this declining but much-loved British mammal.

About the speaker

Having retired from veterinary practice in 2019, whilst continuing with his photography and filming, Stephens focus has shifted increasingly to both conservation and giving presentations. By sharing his passion for nature and the images and stories that he has captured, Stephen hopes to inspire others to do everything in their power to engage with and protect the fragile natural world of which we are all an integral part of.

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